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HMC1097LP4E:Calibrated Carrier Feedthrough vs Temperature

Question asked by AkiraO on Feb 9, 2017
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I received a question about Calibrated Carrier Feedthrough of HMC1097LP4E from our customer. Could you please support us?


The grough of "Calibrated Carrier Feedthrough vs. Frequency Over Temperature" is shown on page 3 in the datasheet of HMC1097LP4E. The Carrier Feedthrough is dominantly improved at 25 deg C by the calibration. But it is not improved at -40 deg C and 85 deg C by the calibration.  


The customer would like to improve more the Calibrated Carrier Feedthrough at -40 and +85 deg C. Do you have any idea about that? For example, how about redusing the Lo level? Is Calibrated Carrier Feedthrough improved in this case? Are there any issue in this case?


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