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Troubles installing Sigma Studio for Sharc

Question asked by BlackBeauty on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by BlackBeauty

Hello there, 


I am trying to install Sigma Studio for Sharc but I finding problems. I own Sigma Studio and I can't see any Sharc DSP to select, only ADAUs and so DSPs.

I have also followed recommendations from the Sigma Studio Guide and questions from other users in this forum.


I have installed CrossCore last version 2.5.0

I have installed Sigma Studio 3.14

I have installed Sigma Studio for Sharc 2.0.0

I have installed SharcAudio ToolBox 2.0.0


I have tried to copy SharcAudioToolBox.dll (from SoftwareModules/SigmaStudioFiles) to SigmaSutio 3.14 directory but I don't see any Sharc IC to select.

I have also tried to add this .dll as addin plugin but I get the following message: "The current selection does not belong to SigmaStudio Assembly. Invalid DLL".


Any help please?

I think that this .dll is to see the Sharcmodule in Sigma Studio but once you have selected the Sharc DSP. I don't even see the Sharc line ;(, am I missing anything?


BR and thanks in advance!