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AD9371 Questions 1

Question asked by Shay.L on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Vinod


I would like to connect four AD9371 components to the BBP in multichip synchronization for MIMO application.

1.  Can I do it with one AD9528 component ?

2.  Can you send me information about this issue ?  (Reference design or block diagram)

3.  Should the trace length of DEV_CLK and SYSREF be the same for each AD9371 component ?

4.  Should the trace length of SERDIN, SERDOUT, SYNCINB0/1 and SYNCOUTB0 be the same for each AD9371        
     component ?

I would like to test the AD9371 with DPD + CFR capabilities.

1.  How did Analog Tested the AD9371 with DPD and CFR capabilities ?
2.  Can you send me any relevant information about this issue ? (Test results, FPGA used for this application)
3.  Is there a specific digital board (contain DPD, CFR) that can interface to the AD9371 ?