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failure building axi_ad9361 HDL with Vivado on Ubuntu

Question asked by 2z443 on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by CsomI

I am trying to build the axi_ad9361 HDL project (for the PicoZed SDR Development Kit). Per ADI instruction, I execute the following command from the project directory:


vivado -mode batch -source axi_ad9361_ip.tcl  >> axi_ad9361_ip.log 2>&1


This tcl script fails on the first line and gives me the following:


# source ../scripts/adi_env.tcl

couldn't read file "../scripts/adi_env.tcl": no such file or directory


...which makes sense to me since there is indeed no such file or directory... apparently, I am missing something.?.. 


Please help to resolve this fundamental problem.