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Inner impedance value of HMC744LC3,HMC850LC3,HMC745LC3 and HMC851LC3

Question asked by Se-woong on Feb 8, 2017
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My customer is considering to use HMC744LC3,HMC850LC3,HMC745LC3 and HMC851LC3.

And as your datasheet, impedance value of signal lines (DN,DP) are 50Ohm.


However my customer says that they had ever received comments from Hittite  that impedance value of signal lines (DN,DP) are 60Ohm when they made evaluation board with HMC745LC3.


So they need your confirmation about impedance value of signal lines (DN,DP) in HMC744LC3,HMC850LC3,HMC745LC3 and HMC851LC3 again.


Would you confirm  impedance values of signal lines (DN,DP) in these devices?