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where can I get source code 9361

Question asked by rsilagi on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by mhennerich

Where is the source code for the 9361 device driver?  I have downloaded the 3 files from;   ad9361.c, ad9361_conv.c,  ad9361.h.  However there seems like the iio layer and the sysfs layer is missing or some other layer is missing.  I'm using a i.MX6 with Freescale Linux 4.1.15 and Buildroot.  I have configured Buildroot to create Libiio 0.5, with Local and Network backends IIO Daemon, and test programs. 


My question is where can I get the source code that is missing?  Where can I get the sysfs code?  How do I link the 9361 driver with Libiio?


Randy Silagi