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What is the frequency of the ring oscilator for lock detect in the HMC765?

Question asked by Joe_J on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by Joe_J

We are having issues with LD remaining high consistently at  cold operating temperature.  I believe we are running all defaults in the LKD/CSP register 20.9


I see there is an option to use a ring oscillator for LD with a 3 bit callout for one shot duration.  Bits 16:14 active only if bit 13 is high.


I don’t see any timing reference of what the relative durations are for this type of LD.  Is there a nsec value for each bit in this 3 bit word?


Does bit 19 also need to be set to 1 for this to work?

Also saw:

How to choose the adjust the One-Shot Duration when using the Digital Ring Oscillator One-Shot:

Register 7 Bits[18:17] control the frequency of the Ring Oscillator.

Register 7 Bits[16:14] control the pulse width which is comprised of a number of cycles of the

Ring Oscillator (ranging from 0.5 to 64 cycles of the Ring Oscillator).



But nowhere do I see an even approximate value of the ring oscillator frequency.