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Instrumentation Amplifier AD8421

Question asked by Piyushkumar on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by Emman.A

I need to use AD8421 Instrumentation amplifier for amplifying low voltages range from 378 uV  to 720 mV. I have simulated AD8421 instrumentation amplifier with gain 4.98 (Rg=2.49 kΩ) The output offset contnuously vary from uV to mV range as in simulation with constant temperature. The values of offset voltages shown below range  


"-004.229E-6, 001.968E-6, -010.468E-6, 007.074E-6, 823.558E-6, 001.597E-6, -055.112E-6, -052.020E-6, 001.886E-3"


As constant gain the offset voltages should be constant.Correct me if i am wrong about this concept.

But, here offset voltages are varying. 


I have selected AD8421 because it has input offset is 25uV input offset voltages and 35uV/S slew rate and small voltage step size precision amplification.

So if i will use AD8421(BRZ) in my application in real time environment with constant temperature and constant gain,is  there any possible method so that offset voltage at output can be maintained constant  or less variation in offset voltage?