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Second-stage bootloader

Question asked by romainht on Feb 7, 2017
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I am trying to write a second-stage bootloader for our ezkit-sc573 board, starting from the SSL_Core0 example (EE384). I can load and boot the "Multicore_Led_Blink" application using the default SSL_Core0 code (after a small adaptation for ADSP-SC573).

However, as my final bootloader will be a bit more evoluted than a single main function that calls adi_rom_Boot, I tried to activate the MMU and the cache, but now the "Multicore_Led_Blink" does not run anymore.

I suppose there are some requirements (regarding cache, interrupts and so on) before calling adi_rom_Boot but I didn't find them ? What is the best way to debug boot from CCES ?

I'm also trying to use adi_rom_BootKernel instead, but I didn't find any example code that makes use of it


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