ADF4107 - Phase Drift under Temperature Test

Discussion created by JulianoCioffi on Feb 7, 2017
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Hello, Greetings!


I have one important military customer inside Brazil, we have a huge project running with ADI partners in Europe. Johannes Horvath is one ADI FAE that is involved in the Europe side. 


I have all material regarding the testing performed by our customer and we need your advice. I am putting some images regarding their test:


And the Results plotted Graph:



The application (phased array radar) uses the ADF4107 on two boards, one of which is programmed for 1.6GHz and another 1.35GHz. For this application phase stability is crucial. The problem happens when the temperature of the PCBs varies, there is a very high phase drift as a result of the temperature.


Please reach me on Juliano.Cioffi@analog.com for more information, I have schematics, tests results and many more.


We need to know if this is a expected behavior for this PLL. Me and Salah already ordered some HMC833 evaluation to advance some steps.


Thank you!!