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Issue with AD9467-FMC KC705 reference design clock domains

Question asked by ngcstw on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by ngcstw

I am upgrading the AD9467-FMC KC705 reference design from Vivado 2015.2 to 2016.2. I am having difficulty because the adc_clk clock domain is missing in the 2016.2 project. I am adding IP that requires AXI stream and AXI 4 LITE clock converters. The clock converters are not getting a CLOCK_DOMAIN property set for the M_AXI port that should be the adc_clk. Below are the 2015.2 and 2016.2 clock respectively domains. 


The MicroBlaze application hangs on a memory access when I try to read/write a port on the clock converter. Is this a known issue with his version of Vivado? I haven't found anything on the web about it?


The system_constr.xdc constraint files are identical.