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questions about ADIS16265 and EVAL-ADIS

Question asked by alla on Feb 3, 2017
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Whould you please help me to find the answers of some questions about ADIS16265 and EVAL-ADIS.


1. In refrence to 13 page of ADIS16265 datasheet, when SMPL-PRD[7:0]=0x00, the internal sample rate is 2048 SPS. While we have tested the ADIS16265 with EVAL-ADIS but the maximum sample rate has been equaled to 512 SPS. Why this happened?

2. We have a problem with EVAL-ADIS software. with respect to the data ready synchronization has been enabled (in data capture menu -->data log advanced options) Nevertheless over sample data records(for example: in data records option-->length record =1000, we expected the data records would be equal to 1000 while the data records which have been observed are equal to 1200). What is the reason of what happened?

3. What leads to create the error of: "AdisApi transfer timedout" when the data capture is failed.

4. I couldn’t have understanded the relative between sclk frequency(in tool menu--> SPI) and sample rate (it sets by SMPL-PRD[7:0])to access the corect data capture. for example(for ADIS16266) in sample rate 2429 SPS, the repititive data have been observed mostly. While in sample rate 151 SPS, data variation is high. would you consider the relative between slck frequency and sample rate?

5. What is your suggestion about the gyro test in dynamic with EVAL-ADIS? What I mean is the EVAL-ADIS would be on the rate table and 4 lines of usb transfered with slipring (there is inside rate table) or EVAL-ADIS would be outside of rate table and 16 lines of gyro (for example ADIS16266) transferred with slipring?


sorry for the many questions and thank you in advence for spending time, it will be highly appreciated.

best regards