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Switching time from the RX mode to the TX mode in TDD

Question asked by n.Leontev on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by sripad

As a result of the experiment, the switching time is equal 24 us.
TDD mode.
We accept and re-emit pulses (duration 50 us).
Switching modes is done using the enable signal and txnrx.
Signal ensm state indicates that the state is replaced from RX to TX mode in about 800 ns.
However, at the beginning of the TX mode see transition process of about 20 us.
To illustrate attaching waveform, which shows the receiver input signal (green) and transmitter output (yellow):
   0 us - the beginning of the input pulse
   19 us - start RX mode
   50 us - the end of the input pulse
   64 us - end RX mode
   65 us - start TX mode
   86 us - the end of the transition process
   104 us - the end of the output pulse
What caused this transition process and how to minimize its duration?