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SS for Sharc 3.9.0 and SC589 EzBoard version issues

Question asked by Brewster on Feb 2, 2017

I'm hoping ADI can shed some light on the underlying issues as I don't see why the hardware version is playing in to this.

The issue is more or less the same as occurred with SS for Sharc 3.7.0; BOM 1.5 hardware didn't work and BOM 1.6 hardware did, but the only difference was an (in consequential?) ferrite bead. Here's that one for those interested: assertion eRet == ADI_SS_FW_SUCCESS failed in CCES console 


I have SC589 EZ rev 1.1 BOM 1.6. I see in the SS4S 3.9.0 user guide that rev 1.2 BOM 1.8 is called out. And sure enough if I run the example in the user guide I get the same assertion eRet == ADI_SS_FW_SUCCESS failed error.

However if use the core executable files from 3.7.0, ...SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel3.7.0\Target\Demo\ADSP-SC58x\ADSP-SC589\SS_App_Core#\Release then the SS4S example runs fine, both from SS 3.12 and SS 3.14.


However if I diff the sources in SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel3.#.0\Target\Demo\ADSP-SC58x\Source the only difference is this added function call (and its supporting code, etc):

/* Flush and invalidation is required only when parameters are mapped to L3 memory,
cache is enabled and parameters are non safeload parameters */

This doesn't seem like something that should cause a hardware dependency so I'm thinking the difference is elsewhere but the only other thing I see is small changes in adi_ss_arm_fw.h and adi_ss_smap.h and they don't seem like a culprit. Of course there's plenty of things without source that might be different.


I then approached it from the hardware side and diff'd the rev 1.0 versus 1.1 schematics as I could not find a readme or revision control document that explained what the changes were or why they were made (something we would need when we start our own hardware design, but I know that's a question for a different group). There is a change to the memory design and maybe that explains why SS4S 3.9.0 app_core files won't work? The other changes don't seem like they would make a difference.


In summary, my questions are:

  1. Why won't the SS 3.9.0 generated project load with the app-core files on a rev 1.1/BOM1.6 board?
  2. What issue(s) will I have if I use the SS3.7.0 app-core files with SS3.9.0?
  3. Is there any alternative to getting yet another board "upgrade" (i.e. replace the board)?
  4. Or maybe rev 1.1/BOM1.8 fixes other problems and I should have one of those regardless of SS4S issues?
  5. Will the next SS4S version need yet a newer board (i.e. if I can run with the older files maybe I should wait until the dust settles)?




(edited to correct hardware revision numbers)

(edited to add link to question asked in the hardware group:

Differences between SC589 EZ rev 1.1/BOM1.6 and Rev 1.2/BOM1.8 


(edited to add link to specific problem with BOM 1.8 board, which I did not have when the above was reported.i.e.  I had assumed the above was because I had a BOM 1.6 board, but as shown here that doesn't seem to be the issue: SS for Sharc 3.9.0 assertion eRet == ADI_SS_FW_SUCCESS on load  )