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adxl 375 limit at 25g

Question asked by ddrapt on Feb 2, 2017
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We have several ADXL375 devices that all limit or cap the raw value read from the device, in each of the three axes, at 0x01FF (511T) and 0xFE00 (-512), which at 0.049g/LSB is 25g and -25g. The device is suppose to be +/-200g.


Has anyone else seen this problem?

Or does anyone have an explanation of what is causing this problem?


Further info (if needed), registers during init (where "--" refers to not read or written):

Register Name          Register Address (hexadecimal)         Value Written (hexadecimal)

==============   ========================        =====================

DATA_FORMAT        31                                                          00

BW_RATE                 2C                                                         0F

THRESH_ACT            24                                                        --

THRESH_INACT         25                                                       --

TIME_INACT              26                                                         --

ACT_INACT_CTL        27                                                       --

FIFO_CTL                   38                                                        90

INT_MAP                    2F                                                        --

INT_ENABLE              2E                                                       --

POWER_CTL              2D                                                      08

Device Id (RO)             00                                                      E5 (value read)