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ADV7623 Unable to output video

Question asked by torbenmp on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by mattp

I am having trouble getting the ADV7623 to passthrough HDMI and display a steady picture on my monitor.


What I see:

I connect a source (BR player or computer) to input and a monitor to output.

When i start-up the blu-ray player it works as supposed and I can see the startup load screen on my monitor with the signal going through my ADV7623 circuit. But then when the bluray after 2-3sec changes from 'load screen' to 'menu screen', my monitor goes blank.


If i connect a laptop to my ADV7623 the laptop will keep changing between being able to see an external monitor and not being able to see external monitor (switched every few secs).


My setup

I am using the processor in the evaluation board to setup my ADV7623 which is on another custom board I made.

I am setting up the ADV using i2c from the evaluation board.


Using the processor (Kinetis K60) on my custom PCB, i set ADV pins PWRDN(98) = high and RESET(97) pin is fed with a 5ms low pulse to reset, but otherwise it's kept high. 


Hardware or code error?

Since I am using the "code" on the processor on the evaluation board to setup my ADV7623, and it doenst work, i figure that the problem might very well be in my own hardware layout/schematic.


Any suggestions of what might be wrong?
(Schematics attached)