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ADA4412-3  Two Loads Application

Question asked by Amit-L. on Feb 2, 2017
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For a new design I’m using the ADV7393 with the ADA4412-3 for SD & HD video outputs.

one of the outputs needs to be duplicated to two separate monitors. For that I want to use the 2 loads application (figure 18 of the ADA4412-3 datasheet).


I have some questions regarding this application:

How does this support the same output amplitude for one load and two loads?

Are there any issues if I use this application but only one monitor is plugged in and the other one is left not connected. Doesn’t this create a long stub?

Where is it better to place the ADA4412-3- close to the encoder or closer to the connector. There is ~15cm and 2 connectors from encoder to external connector panel. The design is with 75ohm controlled impedance.