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Tx Balun for 3.5 GHz

Question asked by P.Rosson on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by Vinod

Dear Sir,


We would like to use ARRadio board arround 3.5 GHz which is a 5G frequency bandwidth. In the ARRadio Wiki web site it is advised to change the current balun to the following balun "Johanson 3700BL15B050E". But it seems that this reference is obsolete!  Could you advise another reference for this frequency band (with 50 ohms balanced / 50 ohms unbalanced)? We are looking for an efficient power solution for the transmitter (compliant with 1.3V DC feed).


I also noticed that they propose 50 / 100 ohms for 350 MHz (see attached document)! Could you explain the impact of not choosing a balun 50/50 ohms impedance at the transmitter and at the receiver?


Thank you in advance,