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(ADuM1402)Magnetic force Influence(non- energizing time)

Question asked by donadona999s on Jan 31, 2017
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Hi !


I have some questions about ADuM1402.

Our customer are using ADuM1402 at the automotive BMS application.

At  mass production process they have to use Electromagnet.

They want to know the Magnetic force Influence to the device.

  - Manufacturing           = 35mT

    => At manufacuturing time , no power supply to ADuM1402.

  - Residual magnetism = 2~3mT


So my question is this.


 Would it broke ADuM1402 ?


 What kind of influence does this have on ADuM1402 ?

 => For example what would happen after they start using ADuM1402


If it is possible , can you give me some advice about this till tomorrow?


Best regards,