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ADAU1701 dump

Question asked by sebastos08 on Feb 1, 2017
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Hi to all the community and support team.

First, excuse me for me for the next noob request.
i'm an electronic repair engineer and i've and issue on a PCB with an ADAU1701JSTZ embedded.
this PCB is integrated inside an active monitor. (i've another one active monitor who works well in parallel. it's can help me to take some comparatives measurements and others stuff).
My problem is the ADAU1701 is out of order (it is in complety short circuit on AGND/AVDD pins) and the supplier of the monitor don't reply to mail since 4 months ago (i suppose that the society is closed)
I don't any experience on this DSP and sigmastudio and i suppose that there is a program inside this I.C and his eeprom..? and if i change it for a new one, nothing will running well.
My question is : is there a simply and cheap method to dump the prog from the second ADAU1701 that i own (who works well and i don't want to change anything in the existing program) and reinject it into a new ADAU1701?
For information, i've the pins 20/22/23 of the ADA1701 who is connected to a separate headers on pcb.
Thanks in advance for a quick reply.