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Blackfin DVI Output

Question asked by Robert83 on Sep 15, 2011
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i want connect a video decoder (AD7183) and DVI Transmitter (ADV7511) to BF561's PPI0 and PPI1.

The task is to capture PAL frames, store them in SDRAM, insert text overlay and then output over DVI to a Monitor.

I'm not sure about the PPI1 configuarion (connected to DVI Transmitter) especially the Frame Syncs.

The ADV7511 excepts embedded and seperate Frame Syncs but i don't know which mode is easier to implement.

When the "seperate HSYNC,VSYNC only" mode is used then the PPI uses Timers for HSYNC,VSYNC generation

but where can i find the neccessary timing information ?


Thank you