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CT/PT Design Guide in ADE9078

Question asked by avraka on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by nchandra

Dear ADIer

My customer is considering ADE9078 to measure various factors in her enery metering application.

She was testing CT(Current Transformer)/PT(Potential Transformer) and ADC(Analog Digital Converter) combination.

So she want to use the already made CT/PT in the ADE9078 application.

Please refer to below specification and measuring range.

  1. Current : 0~750A

  2. Voltage : 0~450V

  3. Frequency : 60Hz

  4. CT ratio : 450/2A

  5. PT ratio (Pri. Voltage / Sec. Voltage) : 230V/3V


Based on above parameters,

1. Which values are proper from below CT example?


2. Which values are proper from below PT example?


3. Which turn ratio for CT/PT do you recommend in my customer's application?


Actually I am not familiar with CT/PT .. So Please let me know your design guide?