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ADV7441A Audio Question

Question asked by fredli on Sep 14, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2011 by mattp

Hi all


     Now  ADV7441 is used HDMI reciever  in our  board,    Blue Ray  device  HDMI output to ADV7441.  We find the I2S[0]  don't  carry the main 2-channel audio data when  Blue Ray device work  in stereo  mode(PCM) or other audio mode(BITSTREAM HD, Bitstream Legacy, Bitstream  Mixed).   But I2S[1]  carries the main 2-channel audio data(L/R audio data and  background music).    The main chip  recieve  only one I2S. then  we should do a  choice which I2S should connect to our Main Chip?    Can you give a correct  configuration file for the ADV7441 I2S output?   Can we  swap the data from different  channels(channel 1 with  channel 3; channel 2 with channel 4 )?    Thank  you!