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21489 and serial port = clicks

Question asked by SteMMo on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by SteMMo


I'm working on a board with a 21489 DSP.

I developed a firmware that includes both audio DSP processing and a very simple serial protocol to receive commands and reply with DSP's registrer values.

My firmware is based on the 'SigmaStudio For SHARC Demo Application for ADSP-21489 processor' sample.
For my understanding the main loop of the C code is keeping alive the audio processing, is it?


On the other side of the serial port I have a PC: I wrote a graphical Win32 application to change some register values (pre-ampli,ampli, eq, ..).

What happen is that when I change some values on the PC, I hear a 'click' on the audio channel.

Which is the cause of that clicks?

Does it depends on the serial interrupts and relative routines?


Is that sample the correct way to handle both schema and processor routines?


Thanks, regards