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Hmc829 isolation between analog and digital inside the chip

Question asked by DimaL on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by dyoung1


I'm using HMC829 RF PLL evaluation board I run the configuration from examples that Hittite provided,

at the RF output I see some spurious at different places that running through small band =1MhZ when I click on read lock register(12h) with some period between the clicks. I use REF=100[MhZ] and run at 3GhZ at the output. It looks like some isolation problem between analog and digital parts inside the PLL it's important me to say that at same conditions I never met the problem in other  HMC840,HMC838 PLL's.

Please suggest what a solution for this issue cause I want to use this pll in system and run check for lock at least every second.

Thank you.