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Linux driver for alternate clock rates?

Question asked by htorke on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by mhennerich

I had seen this response in another thread:




Sorry for the delayed response - but this thread has been moved only recently to this forum.


The problem is with the device clock.




Currently the driver relies on the device clock being 122.880 MHz.

Please make sure you select this option in the profile wizard.

We're going to add support for other clocks shortly.




Has the driver been updated to support other clock rates yet?


As I understand it, the AD9371 filter wizard requires that the Device Clock rate be some division of the TX input sample rate, which is a multiple of the RX sample rate. So in order to get the full 100 MHz bandwidth in both the RX and TX channels, I would need a TX input sample rate of over 300, in order to set the TX Primary BW at 100. I also need it to be less than the max rate of 320. But there is no value in that range that is a multiple of 122.88, so there is no way to generate  a profile that uses the full bandwidth.