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Adv7180 no color samples

Question asked by romanroman on Jan 31, 2017
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Hello! I have a custom pcb board with adv7180 and fpga chip to interface it. My
problem is - there is no color samples (Cr\Cb) in the output data stream
(through p0~p7 pins, lfcsp-40 package). All onboard connections (from adv to
fpga) is ok, all supplies and clock are ok too. When adv runs in freerun mode
(no video signal is applied) - color is ok, decoded stream gives resulting
color (in rgb) according to programmed values (default Y, C). But when video is
applied - adv goes onto a state, where it is no color samples in stream, just
Luma, so i've got an B\W video output stream. All register values are finally
cheked by read back from adv.
Totally i have 3 chips, that behaves indentically to each other.
P.S. - no overheat or mechanical distortions was appear while adv chip was
Sorry for my english. Thanks for your attention.