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Usage of wav player module on EVAL-ADAU1452

Question asked by IRON on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by venkatesan

Hello all,


I have a question.

Could anybody help me understand how to use wav player module?

What I want to do is to play an audio file from the EEPROM on the board.

To do that,


I need to have an appropriate wav file.


I need to know how to properly store the audio file in the EEPROM.


I also need to know how to play the audio file directly from the EEPROM.

Could you give me some simple instruction to accomplish that please?


Also, I have some questions in each step.

Question for #1

 - Does it have to be a text file? instead of .wav file? How can I convert .wav to a text file?

Question for #2

 - Flash Programmer module is the right module to store a desirable module in EEPROM?

   If so, I every time fail verifying after writing somehow. The pop up window says "Verify Failed: invalid data at address 0."

   (I use the module as the default settings)

Question for #3

 - Can I just use the combination as described in wiki? (see below.)



Best Regards,

Yuta M