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Op Amp amplifier

Question asked by Pepo12 on Jan 30, 2017
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Sorry if the questions I'm going to ask seem very basic:


I need to amplify the signal of an "inductive" sensor, which is tuned (parallel capacitor) at 300 kHz. A gain of the order of 225 V / V is required and if possible phase = 0 around 300 kHz, therefore, I want to use 2 stages "inverter amplifier" with 15 V / V gain.

I am using 2 AD829.

The questions:


  1 - Can you guide me in the selection of the R, termination of the coaxial cable? At present, I can modify the equibalent impedance of the sensor. But should I use 50, 500, 1000 ohm?


  2 - Is the 2 x "inverter amplifier" configuration adequate?


  3 - As only the AC component is interesting. What should I add to cancel DC ?.


I hope they can guide me. Thank you in advance!