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ADE7753 Cabliration : Setting I max

Question asked by omlu on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by omlu

Hi everyone,


I am currently trying to calibrate an ADE7753 using a Reference Meter.

- A shunt (350 µΩ) circuit is used,

- Voltage during calibration is 220V,

- Current during calibration is 6A,

- Maximum current during real use is 13 A,

- Impulse/Wh of reference meter is 4 imp/Wh


You can find every info in the joint document.


My question is: How do you choose the maximum current (for equation (43) in datasheet) ? According to the shunt specs?


If so, Max current would be 92A and it would be way out of scale (292% of full scale). So I tried to calibrate with Imax = 26 A (double the maximum current of real use), calculated WGAIN, wrote it to the fitting register and did an other test. The energy consumption measurements are still 30% off... Could you tell me where I was wrong ?




PS: The hardware is already produced so I hope someone has an answer that wouldn't involve any hardware change.