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ADXL362 FIFO data immediately after trigger

Question asked by sss on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by jwang

Hi all,


Following is FIFO read data using FIFO and trigger mode.
FIFO data immediately after active trigger occuring is all "0"
Is it correct ?


DATA -> X:00408mg(0) Y:00272mg(1) Z:01092mg(0)<<< FIFO oldest data.
DATA -> X:00412mg(0) Y:00256mg(1) Z:01092mg(0)
DATA -> X:00408mg(0) Y:00256mg(1) Z:01100mg(0)
DATA -> X:00412mg(0) Y:00252mg(1) Z:01092mg(0)
DATA -> X:00396mg(0) Y:00256mg(1) Z:01092mg(0)
DATA -> X:00412mg(0) Y:00256mg(1) Z:01100mg(0)
DATA -> X:00408mg(0) Y:00244mg(1) Z:01100mg(0)
DATA -> X:00412mg(0) Y:00256mg(1) Z:01100mg(0)
DATA -> X:00412mg(0) Y:00260mg(1) Z:01112mg(0)
DATA -> X:00416mg(0) Y:00256mg(1) Z:01092mg(0)
DATA -> X:00400mg(0) Y:00256mg(1) Z:01084mg(0)
DATA -> X:00432mg(0) Y:00260mg(1) Z:01092mg(0)
DATA -> X:00412mg(0) Y:00256mg(1) Z:01100mg(0)
DATA -> X:00416mg(0) Y:00240mg(1) Z:01100mg(0)
DATA -> X:00400mg(0) Y:00244mg(1) Z:01104mg(0)
DATA -> X:00000mg(1) Y:00000mg(1) Z:00000mg(1) <<< This is timing of occuring active trigger.
DATA -> X:00256mg(1) Y:00544mg(1) Z:00720mg(0)
DATA -> X:00280mg(0) Y:00276mg(1) Z:01176mg(0)
DATA -> X:00432mg(0) Y:00228mg(1) Z:01116mg(0)

The middle part data is omitted.

DATA -> X:00396mg(0) Y:00260mg(1) Z:01100mg(0)
DATA -> X:00412mg(0) Y:00252mg(1) Z:01104mg(0)
DATA -> X:00432mg(0) Y:00244mg(1) Z:01100mg(0)
MAX -> X:00432mg(0) Y:00544mg(1) Z:01452mg(0)<<< FIFO newest data.


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