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AD7175-8: May nCS toggle between transaction?

Question asked by larsen on Jan 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2017 by larsen

In the datasheet's Figure 69. Single Conversion Mode The nCS line is kept low during the transactions.

But is it ok to take nCS high between transactions? Such as:

  1. Pull nCS low
  2. Write 0x01 0x8010 (in one constant sclk rate sequence)
  3. Pull nCS high
  4. Wait for a minimum time for adc conversion (Noting that when nCS is high, RDY is high impedance so cant poll on the state of conversion)
  5. Pull nCS Low
  6. Write 0x44 0xFFFFFF and at the same time read the 24bit conversion result (or write 0x44 0xFFFFFFFF to read 24bit conversion+status)
  7. Pull nCS High

and so forth from 1. again. to read the conversion from the next enabled channel.


thanks for any hints