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PicoZed FMC Carrier Card SPI

Question asked by hammerclavier on Jan 27, 2017
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I have Picozed FMC carrier board setup that has:  Picozed SDR2 SOM & FMCOMMS3 (via FMC)  

I am using AD9517 synthesizer on the carrier board to generate reference clock for the two AD9361 chips. I modified the devicetree and related settings and I got it working by connecting the AD9517 to SPI1 and the two AD9361 to SPI0, but there's a problem. 


I believe I have some sort of racing issue, between 9517 clock and the 9361 calibration. So although the SPI communication is alright, the 9361 ones cannot finish the calibration in the first run when 9517 is still under SPI configuration itself. So I need to reboot the arm and then 9361 initialization completes.


So can anyone help me to find a way and perhaps by modifying the Kernel to put a delay between SPI and SPI0. In other words I'd like to first finalize AD9517 clock synthesizer via SPI1 before going ahead with SPI0(AD9361).