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Transmit spurious on ADF7030-1

Question asked by NaoH on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by SteveH

We are evaluating ADF7030-1 on your evaluation kit (EV-ADF70301-915AZ).

We found spurious emissions at +/- 400kHz from the carrier frequency 922.8MHz and

the output level is -34dBm at 14dBm carrier output.


The relationship between the carrier frequency, spurious frequency and level are as follows.

Carrier freq.      Spurious freq.   Spurious level at 14dBm PA output

   922.7MHz       +/-600kHz       -38dBm

922.8MHz       +/-400kHz        -34dBm

   922.9MHz       +/-200kHz        -30dBm

   923MHz         not detected          

   923.1MHz       +/-200kHz       -30dBm

   923.2MHz       +/-400kHz       -37dBm

   923.3MHz       +/-600kHz       -41dBm


Could you give us the root cause of this spurious and the countermeasure?


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