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Any updates on Sigma USBi and USB 3.0?

Question asked by electrojim on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by KJBob

I've happily run Sigma under Win7 and Vista, and was pleased when I upgraded an old Win7 machine to Win10 and Sigma ran fine under that, albeit very slowly (not much memory and not a fast processor).  I have recently 'upgraded' to a new Dell Inspiron 3650, running Win10, and can't run Sigma under it much at all.  Help!


My current Sigma project is at about 95% of resource capacity, running an ADAU 1451 at both 48k and 192k sampling rates.  What happens is that the project loads to the hardware and runs for a short time, then seems to disconnect from the computer.  I get a Comms Failed notice about 30 seconds later.  Often the project will run indefinitely, passing signal anyway, but if I flip a switch, change a filter frequency or even slide a pot, the ReadBacks will freeze and I lose all control, although signal still passes.


Reading others' notes here indicates to me that it's a USB issue of some sort.  My old Win10 machine, the one that worked fine, was USB 2.0 only.  The new one has four USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ones, although in Device Manager the only USB controller says USB 3.0 (see attached snapshot).  Switching ports makes no difference at all, and putting a 4-port hub (as suggested elsewhere here) just stops all action cold.


At least I'm able to go back to the older Win10 computer an keep working, although waiting for things to load is a real pain, and some of the control action is a bit jerky.  All comments solicited and any advice appreciated.