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Increased noise on ADAS1000bstz after adding V2 lead

Question asked by VitaminG on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by CatherineR

I created a 5 lead ECG (LA,RA,LL, RLD and V2)  but initially I was just sending the I,II,III frames in the FRMCTL register and setting the registers to following:


CMREFCTL = 0x85E0004A

FILTCTL =0x8B000000




RESPCTL = 0x83002099


I was getting pretty clean results for leads I,II,III and avR, avL, avF, so I wanted to add an additional lead for V2, so I changed FRMCTL to the following:




However as soon as I did that the noise across all the leads increases 10 fold and I cant read any of the leads off the graphs. The noise across all the leads increases which makes no sense as previously I still had enabled lead V2 in the ECGCTL register but I was just not sending the frames in the FRMCTL register.


If I change the register FRMCTL back to the initial value, and stop sending the frames from V2, the noise disappears.

I cannot understand it?


I have created my own pcb and using a micro-controller, I am not using the evaluation board.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am completely stuck

Thanks in advance.