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COMPSW (pin 24) on the ADN8831

Question asked by pserra on Jan 25, 2017



I'm working with the ADN8831. We already have working component values for Thermistors and PID compensation. We had good performances with the evaluation board, however, our own board is not working. After a soft start, the circuit is drawing more current than allowed by the ADN8831 current limit, and the power supply protection reset it.


We compared our board with the eval board, and found that we mistakenly put pin 24 (COMPSW) to the ground. Looking at the block diagram on the datasheet, this could keep the FET driver always low.

We want to attempt some repairs on that board.


My questions are:

  1.  Is pulling COMPSW to the ground a problem?
  2. Do you think that the IC could be too damaged to continue testing?
  3. Is it enough to just left COMPSW floating?
  4. Can we get away with just one capacitor instead of 2 capacitors, 1 resistors? It would make the repairs much easier and more durable.
  5. Do you have suggested values for the COMPSW capacitors and resistor? There is nothing in the datasheet.


Have a great day!