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AD9680 data path reset - bit 0 or 1 in register 0x001?

Question asked by Otto_ottO on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by Otto_ottO

In the datasheet for the AD9680, bit 1( counting 0 up) is labeled as data path reset for register INTERFACE_CONF_B ( 0x001), but in the example software for the Xilinx standalone project the function ad960_setup programs this register with the value 0x01 with comment of //reset. Which is correct? Is it bit 0 or bit 1 that resets the data path in the AD9690?


int32_t ad9680_setup(uint32_t spi_device_id, uint8_t slave_select)
uint8_t chip_id;
uint8_t pll_stat;

spi_init(spi_device_id, 1, 1);
// Start reading on page 82 of data sheet
ad9680_spi_write(slave_select, AD9680_REG_INTERFACE_CONF_A, 0x81); // RESET
ad9680_spi_write(slave_select, AD9680_REG_INTERFACE_CONF_B, 0x01); // RESET