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Question for your AN-1291

Question asked by Kaos on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by Kaos

For 1 week no reply.

Can anyone reply for my following questions? My Customer is still waiting for your answer.

Thanks Kaos 



Dear Sir/Madam,


Our customer asked as following question.


On your AN-1291 page-7 left side, you answered as
"Q: Will the data in the EEMEM need to be refreshed after 15 years when it is operated at 55°C?
A: Yes. The EEPROM cells lose their charge over a period of 15 years when operating at 55°C. ".

But your Figure-7 at circle part 55C show 100years retention.

Which is correct year?

15years have a margin, correct?


On your AN-1291 page-7 right side, you answer as
"A: No. Doing so refreshes only the RDAC register, not the EEPROM. The data must be reloaded again after 15 years to
put a fresh charge into the EEPROM cell. The data is reloaded by writing the RDAC wiper register data back to the EEPROM before the end of 15 years."

".......put a fresh charge into the EEPROM cell."; is this mean that we should write our program to EEPROM ?

If so, the writing time is max 20 times correct as for AD5292 20t model?


AN-1291 is apply to your AD5292 also correct?


Thanks Kaos