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Detailed procedure for re-configuring sampling rate on AD-FMCDAQ2+KCU102

Question asked by Caduda on Jan 25, 2017
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I couldn’t find any straight forward, step by step instructions for changing the sampling rate for the AD-FMCDAQ2 board connected to the KCU102.


The original board has a XO running at 125MHz for a 500Msps sampling rate. Customer needs a 204.8Msps sampling rate and has changed the XO for a 102.4MHz, requiring only a x2 on the PLL.


What are the steps involved in:

1)      Configuring the AD9144 and the AD9523 on the AD-FMCDAQ2 board through the FGPA project on the KCU102.

2)      What are the registers that need to be changed on the JESD204 IP for the JESD204 interface to work


A step by step procedure and a way to check the results would be very helpful, since every rebuild of the bitstream for the KCU102 takes 1:30h to complete.