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Could not connect to the IIO server using qpsktxrx simulink demo for picoZed SDR

Question asked by cswanson on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by larsc


I have a picoZed SDR development board and IIO Oscilloscope for windows.  It works just fine out of the box using the SD card operating system provided.  I updated the Linux applications using sudo and sudo  Everything is good.

Then I set up the support package in MATLAB to the SD Card so I could run the demo qpsktxrx.  This can be found at Manual Host-Radio Hardware Setup - MATLAB & Simulink  Step - 4 - Load Firmware.

Now when my PicoZed SDR boots up, I see "Mathworks SDR Firmware" information being loaded up in the tty screen and the LED0 blinks on the board, which I believe it is supposed to do.

But when I run qpsktxrx.slx in simulink, I get the error message "Could not connect to the IIO server!".  I am suspecting it is because the IIO software version is out of sync between my Windows 7 PC and the PicoZed.

But I cannot run the sudo commands above to update the IIO software because now there is no linux prompt as before.  What should I do?

I have attached a file which shows the boot up sequence on my SDR.