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Erroneous Vmid reading ADXL001

Question asked by Suyash on Jan 25, 2017

Hi. I have an EVAL-ADXL001-70Z-ND, which I have been using for quite some time, and it has been working fine. However recently, when I tried to power it using a DC power supply, I am getting erroneous values from the XOUT and VMID pins. The XOUT at stationary conditions should give an output of nearly 2.5 V and so should the VMID pin. However I am getting near 1.93V for the XOUT pin and near 0V at VMID pin. It might have happened that while adjusting the DC power supply, I might have gone to 6.5 V, but not more than that. Please suggest what could have gone wrong and if there is a possibility to correct it. Thanks.