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AD9371 SPI issue

Question asked by Belenie on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by bensonyeung2

We got our custom boards back and we are having problem with AD9371 SPI interface and JESD clock sync.

One board we are unable to setup AD9528 clock generator through SPI with linux driver(the linux driver works fine with ADI eval board).

Can you pass these questions to the right team?

1) One board we have failed AD9528 SPI error with error code "-1". Is it required to have AD9528 CS pin connected to 10k ohm pull up to VDD_IF all the time?

2) Another board we do not have the AD9528 SPI problem but the linux driver returns error during MCS init. It says MCS failed. What hardware design or routing problem can occur to flag this error?

Thank you.