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ADV7181 Register Configuration

Question asked by on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by GuenterL
Dear Supporter,


I am working with your ADV7181 Development Board and would like to get the register configuration for the following settings/configurations:


Input: Composite - NTSC
Horizontal Scan Frequency -  15.700 kHz


Output: Component
The script called "Autodetect CVBS IN NTSC/PAL/SECAM, 8-bit 422 encoder" in ADV Register Control 7.0 supposed to do what I need, but it does not work. It produces only few valid frames right after I connect the video cable to the input, and then I receive a blank screen.
Script version: ADV7181C_ADV7181C@_ADV7341-VER.3.2c.txt


I am not sure, but suspect the non-standard Horizontal Scan Frequency to possibly be the cause of the issue.


A file with the recommended registers settings (for the required configuration settings and default settings (for other registers)) will be highly appreciated.


Thank for your assistance!