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ADV7393  set up question

Question asked by HankZ on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by GuenterL

We are working on the project which is a video transformation work.
1. We have a 24 bit RGB 8:8:8 video stream. The FVAL,LVAL,DVAL provide the frame, line, pixel synchronous signals respectively.  And it is a progressive frame output (not a interlace video output).
2. We are going to implement a composite CVBS signal NTSC/PAL or a variant video output such as BT.1358 for support the general TV monitors.
3. Our schematic included a Altera FPGA 10M08 + ADV7393. Only can save several line pixels. All HS,VS, CLKin will be generated by FPGA based on FVAL, LVAL and DVAL which is from Camera Link.
3. The question is, Can I use RGB 5:6:5 input ADV7393 and then generate a progressive CVBS output to match with NTSC/PAL(interlace) or a compatible video format (BT.1358) on from ADV7393?
4. Can you give me a recommend configuration setting?
5. what kind of input timing wave I should apply on the input? I means HS,VS wave and specs.
6. A big problem is There is not odd/even signal since it is a progressive video stream. So which standard I should select for compatible with NTSC/PAL to support the CVBS input monitor? BT1358?

Thank a lot.