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Fast Float libraries for BlackFin in C? any fastfloat32?

Question asked by DmitryK on Sep 13, 2011
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i'm doing some research to evaluate the BF-527.

i already did code to evaluate / benchmark the perfomance of the core in float point operations. but i just used "include <math.h>" (it's C-program)


but only yesterday I found document "EE.185.Rev.4.08.07" which describes fast-float operations in BlackFin. but all the examples are in ASM.


- is there any library to support fast-float in C? i did find some refferences in Visual DSP 5 -> Help (about  '-fast-fp' option) but nothing exactly about types and so on.


i found discussion about FastFloat from 2009

so i got another quesitons:

- is there news / fixes for this?

- is there any fastfloat32 support in C? since "float16.h" doesn't sound like do this support.

- are there only Addition, Substract, Multiply and Division operations supported there?


Thanks in advance,

Dmitry K.