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I m trying to configure AD6655 by SPI

Question asked by Maria Employee on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by PMH

I m trying to configure AD6655 by SPI,but it seems data writing doesnot occure..i m following datasheet, app note 877 also..but still kindly give me the spi code to write ad6655.. my data array is given here..   signal array1 : LUT_typ := (X"000018",X"00010D",X"000500",X"00FF00",X"000802",X"000901",X"000B07",X"000D00",X"001000",X"001600",X"001700",X"0018C0",                         X"0100FF",X"010103",X"01023F",X"010301",X"010403",X"010503",X"010600",X"010700",X"010800",X"010900",X"010A00",X"010B00",                                        X"010C03",X"011104",X"011201",X"011380",X"011400",X"011500",X"011D01",X"011E00",X"011F00",X"012000",X"012100",X"012200",X"012300");