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ADAU1361 driver issue - Playback at 4x and Recording at 1/4x

Question asked by msaurabh on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by msaurabh
We are interfacing EVAL-ADAU1361 with Raspberry Pi PCM Interface. 
The drivers are based on the ADAU1361 reference and the machine driver has been modified for RaspberryPi platform.
The device is initializing properly but when using aplay and arecord, the playback rate is 4x the original rate while the recording rate is 1/4th the actual rate. We have checked the PLL settings and they are being written with proper values. The audio is clean while both recording and playback, but recording and playing speed is a problem.
We are using ADAU1361 in master mode and the MCLK is fed using a dedicated crystal whose frequency is 12.288MHz.
Please suggest what might be going wrong.