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HMC704LP5 Spurious

Question asked by Mr.yoo on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by MRichardson

Hi. Supporter.

I am using HMC704LP5 and HMC509LP5.

The output frequency of this PLL circuit is 8185 MHz and PLL is locked.

But spurious frequency occured. Frist spurious frequency is 8185 MHz +/- 180Hz.

The frist spurious levle compared to 8185MHz, it is -40dBc.

Spurious range is that from +/-180Hz to about +-/900Hz.

Except for the regulator, other circuit is same HMC704LP4E Eval. PCB Schematic.


I atteched measurment 2files.

How can I remove this spurious?