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hdl-2016_r1 fmcomms2 zc702 build fails

Question asked by sclift on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by CsomI

Building fmcomms.zc702 from hdl-2016_r1 using Vivado 2015.4.2 fails with the following error log:

### ad_cpu_interconnect 0x79000000 axi_hdmi_clkgen
connect_bd_net -net /sys_cpu_clk /axi_cpu_interconnect/M01_ACLK
connect_bd_net -net /sys_cpu_clk /axi_hdmi_clkgen/s_axi_aclk
connect_bd_net -net /sys_cpu_resetn /axi_cpu_interconnect/M01_ARESETN
connect_bd_net -net /sys_cpu_resetn /axi_hdmi_clkgen/s_axi_aresetn
connect_bd_intf_net /axi_cpu_interconnect/M01_AXI /axi_hdmi_clkgen/s_axi
ERROR: [BD 41-1226] <0x79000000 [ 0 ]> is not within the addressable range <0x40000000 [ 1G ]> of </axi_hdmi_clkgen/s_axi/reg0>
ERROR: [BD 5-14] Error: running create_bd_segment.
ERROR: [BD 5-13] Error: running create_bd_segment, could not find segment /sys_ps7/Data/SEG_data_axi_hdmi_clkgen
ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'create_bd_addr_seg' failed due to earlier errors.

    while executing
"create_bd_addr_seg -range $p_seg_range  -offset $p_address $sys_addr_cntrl_space  $p_seg_name "SEG_data_${p_name}""
    invoked from within
"if {$p_index == 0} {
      set p_seg_range [get_property range $p_seg_name]
      create_bd_addr_seg -range $p_seg_range  -offset $p_address $sys_addr..."
    ("foreach" body line 2)
    invoked from within
"foreach p_seg_name $p_seg {
    if {$p_index == 0} {
      set p_seg_range [get_property range $p_seg_name]
      create_bd_addr_seg -range $p_seg_ran..."
    (procedure "ad_cpu_interconnect" line 69)
    invoked from within
"ad_cpu_interconnect 0x79000000 axi_hdmi_clkgen"
    (file "../../../projects/common/zc702/zc702_system_bd.tcl" line 205)

    while executing
"source $ad_hdl_dir/projects/common/zc702/zc702_system_bd.tcl"
    (file "system_bd.tcl" line 2)

    while executing
"source system_bd.tcl"
    (procedure "adi_project_create" line 97)
    invoked from within
"adi_project_create fmcomms2_zc702"
    (file "system_project.tcl" line 6)


Any suggestions? I am trying to figure out how to reconstruct 2016_R1-2016_12_23.img.xz from scratch.